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'Pots & Rocks'
Hand crafted Sculptural Ceramics

My passion for nature came at a very young age when my parents used to take us for walks in the local forest. I found it so interesting that every time we went back things had changed, leaves had fallen, fungi had grown on the felled trees and snow made a blank canvas for the new year. Even today I enjoy going back there to look at the colours and textures nature has created.

But minutes away from this lovely haven you come across huge buildings, steaming and rumbling, producing endless manufactured goods. Living in a county which goes from one extreme to the other I find very interesting, or perhaps disruptive.

Katy Goldswain Ceramics questions this human position against the natural world. Man has created this stark, white and industrial environment which has had an immense impact on the natural world. I aim to show this through the use of hand building stoneware, slip casting and pushing glazes to their extremes. The gnarly, textured pieces hold an industrial slip cast form: representing the processes of man’s manufacture.

My pieces range in size and form, variation is depicted by the narrative of each piece.

Some portray how man has taken over nature and gradually left negative space. Others portray nature fighting back, growing around what we have left and showing that nature will strive to survive no matter what the human impact is.

Now moving back home from the University of Plymouth, I have set up my workshop at home in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Here I will carry on my ceramic practice.

The pieces I create are shown in exhibition and craft fairs, they are non functional sculptures that portray a subtle narrative.

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